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528 Spiral fry on sausage

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528 Spiral fry on sausage

Detailed Product Description
Spiral fry on sausage Commercial french fry slicer cut potatoes for Tornado Fries machine and cut swirly chips no noise

Spiral fry on sausage
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 Spiral fry on hot dogs,adopted the frying techniques ,of pure spiral potato on skewer,oil and filter,no noise,easy to maintain

The other good part about the potato chip slicer product is the speed at which it slices. Simply scrap the potato or any vegetable over the blade.  It slices the potatoes into lovely discs. This helps to reduce the cooking time drastically. If your family has kids, or your family is a potato-chip-lover, then you must invest in this product. It works really well, and you can make delicious potato chips whenever you wish.

This production line is from feeding material, extruding & inflating, core filling,shaping, roasting, spraying to finished products are done once time with automation. This processing line can produce all kinds of inflating foodstuffs, rice bread, rollingsnacks, gruels and nutrient flour.The main line contains the mixer, double screw extruder, core filler, muti-functionshaper, large hoister, three layer roasting oven, flavoring line, pulling machine,

cutter, Tornado Fries machine, Chip Twister cutter and fryer.Articrafts include mixing, extruding, pushing, shaping, roasting an flavoring.
Itcan produce all kinds of shapes of the leisure inflating food, such as solid crisp. Inflating Food Processing line is foodstuff equipment that uses the It can cut vegetables into 6 different shapes:
1. Slice 2. Thread 3. Specifications

This Tornado Potato cutting machine is used to cut potato into french fries.Chip Twister  machine specification is adjustable from 5*5mm to 10*10mm.It cuts fast and easy to use and maintenance.

It is perfect machine in the potato processing factory or hotel, restaurant.
Voltage: up to your request.

Also we can supply potato washing, peeling machines, which can set up a procution line of potato processing.


528  Potato Chips Machine

1 for making potato chips,french fries
2 potato chips size can be adjusted (according to special order)

1.The 528 Potato Chips Machine adopts the centrifugal theory that the two groups of knives cut vegetables at the same time.

It can cut thepotatoes into slices and sticks with high efficiency and good quality.
2.Make fresh potato chips and french fries.
3. Tthe size of sticks and slices can be adjusted from 0.5-10mm.(according to special order)

French fries food machine Specifications French fries sticks Twisted Chips machine Ribbon potato cutter Specifications French fries and Chips machine is advanced equipment, quality and stability
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we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products

We are looking for international distributors worldwide.

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