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528 Spiral fries on skewer Ribbon potato maker

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Spiral fries on skewer
Detailed Product Description
Spiral fries on skewer this light weight ribbon fry cutter divides a potato into its french fries so spicy,fully stainless steel Ribbon potato maker

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 Spiral fries on skewer, this light weight ,ribbon fry cutter,divides a potato, into its french fries,so spicy,fully stainless steel Simply place the apple on the three pronged fork and rotate the handle to peel, Spiral Fry  and slice the apple in one

easy action.All blades are adjustable and within seconds you can either just core and slice the apple (leaving the peel on), or remove the corer and slicer blade to give just a wonderfully peeled apple.

The strong levered suction base to hold it securely to just about any smooth kitchen surface

Product Features

Heavy duty stainless steel and aluminium construction.
Simple operation, load the potato that has been mounted on a 5 mm bamboo skewer, manually turn the Easy-Action handle.
No potato peeling required.

Removable stainless-steel blade, and easy cleaning.
Easy release and retraction for reloading.
Product Description

Heavy Duty stainless steel Twisted Chips cutter cuts fresh potatoes in spirals that fry up fast - better quality food product with higher margin! Takes advantage of the natural goodness of fresh potatoes, retaining the vitamins, minerals, protein and flavor. With a long lasting stainless steel blades. Installs on the edge of any flat surface. 

Technically advanced vegetable cutting machine528 satisfies the modern and increasing demands for the preparation of vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc.  Automatic feeding & discharge saves time.

The Jas, thanks to the available wide range of interchangeable discs, slices, dices, tornado chips, Twisted Chips on hot dogs, and shreds quickly and accurately, without altering the natural qualities of the products.

The tubular feed-throat can be used to cut long shaped vegetables.
All contacting parts are stainless steel an aluminum which is totally hygienic.
Stainless steel Ribbon fry slicer shaft the discs have stainless steel bushings and are fitted with easily removable stainless steel Spiral Potato machine and grids, assuring hygiene cleaning.

Use: Vegetable cutting machine vertical mode pieces, slice, finger chips, salad, Cucumbers, chine etc. can be easily cut up to 6 mm to 30 mm.

This Spiral Potato machine removes the skin from potatoes/peanuts (boiled), washed potatoes are poured into the drum of the chipstix potato machine from the top, the inner of the drum is coated with abrasive carborundum, as the base of the drum rotates the potatoes strike against the abrasive inner wall which removes the skin, this processing requires minor flow of water through a pipe to remove the skin from the walls, the peeled potatoes are removed from the side of the drum through a gate.

 Product Description

Model:528 potato chips cutter

This Chip Twister machine is ideal for cutter potato, Will be potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and so on, cut into Twisted Chips on skewer using a square, suitable for Chip Twister franchise business, french fries manufacturers, food processing plants to use.

This commercial grade French fry potato cutter measures 9.6 x 20.6 x 9.4 inches and weighs 13 lbs. The Tornado potato on sausage is made by potatoes by heavy duty cast iron while the blades and other components are made of top quality stainless steel. This is by no means a low quality and light weight French fry cutter as most of the customers have reported. Its long handle makes cutting potatoes very easy and effortless.

This professional French fry potato cutter has the capability of cutting up to 6 inch long potatoes into 3/8 inch French fries. If you have lots of French fries to make then this is a recommended tool that you should have. On average, this French fry cutter machine will turn up to 50 lbs of potatoes into French fries in just 60 minutes.
Description/ Specification of Saratoga swrils cutter Machine

Potao French Fries Plants are offered in the capacity range of 150 kgs per hour to 5000 kgs per hour. These are complete plants with freeze systems included. The equipment mix is china and European, resulting in state of the art plants.

Small and medium capacity complete processing and packaging plants for Potato French Fries are now offered for entry level project considerations.

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we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products
We are looking for international distributors worldwide.

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