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528 potato twister screwed potato fry cutter

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Detailed Product Description
our chip twister machine is the best of all with perfect cut.its the smallest heavy duty potato spiral cutter.ph-0086-15999787002 thm5008@hotmail.com
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Machine features

1.Fully stainless steel material  2 Professional motor  3Life time warranty

4High quality Multifunction blade. 5Dimensions-45x15x16cm  6.net weight 8kg

7.Forward reverse switch  8 Power LED 
9.On and off switch
10.16 flavours available 
11.with counter (LCD
automatic control forward and

13.Pioneer In China  14Unconventional Design  15Export Exclusively


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our  chip twister machine which makes spiral potato also known as tornado potato cutter can be put on stick like spiral potato potato on stick.This chip twister can be incorporated in any business.people love to see this twisted potato which is nicely arranged on potato stick.
Our chipstix similar machine is the smallest machine in the world.This chiptwister machine can cut unlimited number of potato in spiral shape.you can surely call it  as innovative potato cutter.if you compare it with French fry cutter,ribbon fry

cutter,spiral fry cutter this chiptwister machine surely does best business than others.Tornado potato cutter  is also useful for home purpose as its small in size and of low cost.No other chiptwister machine is made of fully stainless steel.We offer lifetime spare part replacement warranty for this chipstix kind machine.

The blade of chips on stick machine is hardened so give unlimited number of cuts.
Our reliable easy to use spiral potato cutter is in use for 5 years.Incorporate our electrical chipstix machine in you own business.by doing so you would be offering a great product in your menu potato stick or spiral potatoWe DO NOT charge

royalties, contract or separate development fees for chiptwister machine .but support you with all the rawmaterials,machine and training. Spiral potato cutter is the ultimate fried potato with a twist .The great tasting chiptwister,twisted potato and equally great looking potato snack is created using our potato cutter.its also known as chipstix snack.chiptwister(528 spiral  potato cutter) is a new and exiting way to eat fried potatoes. It is a delicious spiral potato on a bamboo skewer. After you have had sprinkled it with 1 of the 50 available flavoured spiral fry cutter

machine well designed and aesthetically pleasing potato cutting machine is what makes the normal potato into the great looking and tasty snack that is chiptwister ..

People Love Hot fried potato chips they will LOVE 528 spiral  potato The potato spiral cutter Machine is used to turn an ordinary unpeeled potato into a great looking and delicious potato snack with a TWIST in less than 8 seconds.

This potato tornado snack is then fried like normal Hot Chips in a fryer and can then be enjoyed by sprinkling 1 the the unique flavoured

528 spiral  potato salts onto it and picking off the slices from the skewer. This great Chipstix kind snack can be enjoyed by your customers while on the move anytime of the year.The  potato spiral fry snack is made from a medium sized potato, which has been washed but not peeled. T

he ribbon fry TWIST slices are only 4mm thick, less than half the thickness of regular potato chips. This means that the Chipstix potato snack fries much quicker, getting the snack to your customers much faster.
 We invite all Snack bars, Fast food kiosks and Mobile food vendors interested in this great  opportunity and anyone interested in making the curly fries concept available at Events etc... to contact us as soon as possible as stocks are limited due to the already high interest in the chiptwister concept. (Holland/the Netherlands, they describe a spiral like this:

(Spiraal aardappel snijer)- ongeschilde aardappel aan een stokje te rijgen en door middel van een spiraal snijer machine de aardappel aan stokje te spiraliseren De Chiptwister wordt gemaakt door een ongeschilde aardappel aan een stokje te rijgen en vervolgens door middel van een machine de aardappel aan dit stokje te spiraliseren. We reserve the right to change anything at 528 spiral  potato at any time. Always improving our twisted chips / potato spirals / chips stix(chipsticks) / curly chip / twister shaped sticks / Tornado potatoes / Chip twista / curley chip maker
Process to make the chipstix type chips
Take a medium potato, washed. Insert the skewer, blunt end first, into the center of the potato.Put the skewered potato into the chipstix cutter.Push the button or turn the handle.

Put the potato into 180/200 degree C oil for max 3 minutes.(Depending on the size and strength of your deep fryer, multiple units can be deep fried at the same time)Remove chipstix potato from the oil.Allow excess oil to drip back to your oil

bath.Hand the chipstix skewer to the client.Allow client to use the spices themselves.Normally 2 people would handle this process:1 to take the orders/money and then hand product to client. To keep the napkins and spices topped up.The other to cut and deep fry the potato.Spiral potato cutter is offer flexible and affordable machine. Having developed the unique electrical  potato

cutting machine called a Chipstix like machine and a range of mouth-watering flavor salts the concept is easy, fun and profitable. Take a bamboo skewer pierce it through the centre of a raw washed unpeeled potato. Position inside the

chiptwister  machine press the button and voila within seconds your ribbon fry is ready to deep fry. curly fries is enjoyed by both young and old throughout the year whether hot or cold which means maximum profits are to be made. An easy on the go snack, no mess, no fuss!
528 spiral  potato cutter,machine is looking forhave secured agents worldwide. Spiral fry cutter is your one stop shop in terms of stock and further offer a variety of franchising methods from in-store incorporation to mobile franchising you can choose from one of our exclusively designed mobile food kiosks to trade from. Experience the greatest snack in the world!...potato ribbon,spiral fry....Fried potato with a twist!
At 528 spiral potato we come up with a few FAQ's.
Q.  What type of oil should I use to fry?
A.  Sunflower oil is highly can be used to fry spiral potato once made

.Q. Must the whole skewer be emerged in the oil?
A you can fry the ribbon fry in any way.

Q  How will I remove the twisted potato  from the oil once cooked?
A.  With a pair of stainless steel tongs. Grip the curly fry the same manner as you would a kebab.

Q.  What is the minimum size skewer that I can use in my Chipstix s kind machine?
A.  The chiptwister machine  is designed to fit a custom made bamboo skewer measuring 4mm in diameter and 350mm

Q.  What type and size potato should I use for spiral fry machine?
A.  any medium size potato can be used to make potato on stick.
You can cut these potatoes any size. The standard spiral chips we sell in are with the 40cm bamboo skewers I always enjoy looking at the opposition with their small 28cm skewers - but as a hungry client, with money to spend, which potato tornado would you buy for the same price?  french fry cutter,industrial french fry cutter wholesale,french fry,ribbon fry cutter,potato cutter,french fries cutters,restaurant french fry ...
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we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products
We are looking for international distributors worldwide

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