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French fry maker Chipstix potato machine

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Detailed Product Description
Smallest Chipstix potato machine commercial heavy duty cutter cut potatoes for ribbon fries on sausage,economically price
Chipstix potato machine
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Smallest Chipstix potato machine,commercial,heavy duty cutter ,cut potatoes for ribbon fries on sausage,economically price 
It is circular batch fryer provided with diesel or Chip Twister on sausage on burner which is insulated with ceramic blanket glass wool, refractory lining Outer body fabricated in stainless steel body , These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, environment friendly ,fully safe ,easy to operate.
This system is ideally suited for Potato Chips, Twisted potato Chips and other low bulk density products like chipstix on hot dogs, chipstix on stick (salt snacks) Indian sweets, This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity.

Available with us nice Stainless Steel Twisted Chips machine which is fabricated out of Twisted Chips on hot dogs and ensures sturdy design. Being highly efficient, these offer long lasting operation. This Ribbon fry machine can run by either single or 3-phase motor as per customers demand / facility of electricity.

This Spiral Fry machine is also made of stainless steel Spiral Potato Franchise& it makes chips of Potato running by either 3-phase OR single phase electric motor. This chipstix (chipstick) machine is made of stainless steel & it dries the chips of Potato & discharge water from other outlet making chips dry & ready for frying. This machine also runs by  240 230 220V OR 110V electric motor. 
This Tornado Fries machine makes the Tornado chips. Peeling of potato before making chips in this Tornado Fries machine is done manually by 6 to 7 unskilled labour. Just one has to keep feeding peeled potatoes by using both Chip Twister on stick hands one after another and chips falls directly into frying vessel (bhatti) & frying starts in the oil.
We can offer / supply complete Potato chips machine to make best quality crispy chips / wafer from potato . We do have complete DVD of working plant, in-case if you want to buy the same to see the plant in working before taking final purchase decision. 
This Twisted Chips machine adopts Spiral Potato on stick to drive and is equipped with round taper to transmit power. After the potato peeling, the Ribbon fry machine can sliced the peeled potato directly.
Product Description
Spiral Fry machine is a new type of extruding food processing line franchise and developed by ourselves snack food machine Double-screw Extruder
3. Inflating food processing line
5. Twin screw food extruder
6. Puffed corn/rice machine snacks food machine is a popular of extruding food processing line
 studied and developed by ourselves on the basis of learning from advance technology in the world so that its technical performance and quality of produce both reach to the most advanced in the world. This spiral potato on stick will finish mixing, extruding, drying or frying , spraying and producing in one-pass operation automatically.
 This line features lots of types, flexible collocation, extensive applied materials, various products and easy operation.  
 Product Description

This Twisted Chips slicer is for pellet and chips producing by single-screw extruder. The raw material can be potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, etc. Through extruding cooking, the pellet can be different shapes like shell, Spiral Potato on skewer, Ribbon Potato franchise circle tube, and so on.
 After drying the pellet need frying to get expanded, this line is characterized by unique technique, ration configuration, high automation and stable performance.
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we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products
We are looking for international distributors worldwide

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