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528 Spiral potato cutter from china very popular

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528 Spiral potato cutter from china(www.chinapotatocutter.com)
528Potato chips machine
is very popular in the vegetables market

528 Spiral potato cutter from china(http://www.chinapotatocutter.com) , Spiral potato ...

528Potato chips machine is very popular in the vegetables market

528 Potato chips machine is very popular in the market. This Chick uses the Hungary Spiral Cutter to imagine curly fries and other firm vegetables.It forms weighty raw noodles that pair nicely with a Twisted Chips on sausage or work well. 

   The grandeur of the unit is OK, at just $33--300$, the quality corresponds to the price. 
    The handle pin can rust if left to air dry, so I hand wash and dry it after each use. 
 Create spiral strands, ribbons or very thin vegetable and fruit slices with ease. ThechipstixSlicer creates eatable decorative garnishes and also used by much Tornado potato on hot dogs and vegetarians. One setting makes paper-thin slices while the other produces clouds of spaghetti-like strands. 
    It also makes julienne strips and half rounds for a variety of dishes.。 This slicer has a stainless steel blade for slicing, is dishwasher safe.
    It quickly and efficiently makes continuous flat ribbons fry cutter, french fries or potato chips. Heavy stainless steel construction. 。 Unit comes with one spiral blade.  This item is used but is great shape. 

     These are great little Tornado fries that you and the kids will have hours of fun.      All you do is push the spike in the end of a potato or what have you, and then turn clockwise to produce spirals of Spiral Fry Cutter for decorating your etc. 
    You could then use a knife to cut the radius and have instant thin rounds or potatoes for crisps.  Enjoy spiral fries in your own home with a new Chip Twister on stick. 。 This potato cutter puts a unique twist on homemade French fries. 

      The rust-resistant design constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass will prove to last the test of time.

     Simply set your potato in the aluminum jaw, adjust the slide screw to meet the blade, and engage the turn screw. 。

     Place the fresh-cut potato in cooking oil and cook to desired texture.  You'll have a plate full of spiral cut Twisted Chips cutter in a matter of minutes. 。 

    528 Ribbon potato maker is relatively new type of machine which is rapidly gaining popularity among all food makers across the globe. 

Be it a small home kitchen or large kitchens of a five star hotel, various types of Spiral Fry slicer are helping cooks make not only tasteful food items but also make them look attractive.

    This is especially true for homemakers who usually use it to make fries for their families. 。 As a result of the poor knowledge on how to use it, often vegetables are not sliced correctly. 。 Many of you who have tried to make long spiral strands would have experienced that how the strands often break.

     And often people start blaming the 528 Tornado Potato machine thinking it has some sort of manufacturing or design defect. true.Using  However, this is rarely true.Using Chip Twister manufacturer correctly is not an arduous task though it does require certain amount of practice.
528 Potato Fries Slicer Machine 

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