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We are the manufacturers of the 528 Tornado Potato Chips Machine

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We are the manufacturers of the 528 Tornado Potato Chips Machine
ISO 9001:2000。 We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you with the hope of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with your company

We have already received: two projects in China Spiral potato Patent

The Potato Twister Chips (also called, tornado potato, twisted potato, twisted fries, twisted chips or spiral potato) is a delicious fried potato on a stick. It has the shape of a tornado or spiral. This potato chips spiral cutter is a great product to use at home and restaurants / hotels or to start a business with.

It's a great product to sell in parks , concessionaries , stadiums , restaurants , hotels , shopping malls , or, simply try your hand selling out of a local festival booth, streets or expand your current business selling spiral potato .concessionaries, You can sell spiral potato as a principal activity, in your free time or weekends.

This cutter is called GrowingChip? Twister Cutter (528 spiral potato cutter ) or Tornado Potato Cutter. GrowingChip ? 。 It's a very easy job with this Potato Twister Cutter. 。 In just 30 seconds the twisted potato is ready to be fried.
You can use Twist potato Cutter for BBQ party, Picnic party, Luncheon party, Reunion party, Birthday party, Children's Party, New year Party, Christmas party, etc.

Our GrowingChip? Twister Cutter (528 spiral potato cutter ) is a unique vegetable slicer to making various dishes such as sweet potato tornado chips, carrot spiral chips, spiral cucumber, onion strands, red cabbage slicing, etc. ATTACHED PLS FIND THE PICTURES AS ATTACHMENT. The unique item 528 spiral potatocutter  , which is very suitable the markets of promotion, giveaway, gifts, etc. a real benefit and cost effective with good quality product.

Sub.: The unique / turning type slicer (528 spiral potatocutter ) which is specialize in making of fine slices of carrot / radish (very suitable the SEAFOOD market, especially Japanese food / Sashimi), fine stripped potato for salad, slicing of whole cabbage, curly strands of cucumber, etc.   

ICER (528 spiral potatocutter )  is excellently keen-edged, the new type serrated blade, which can be cut in any direction, thickness adjustment with ease Sub.: Serrated Blades for Peelers Manufactory as semi-manufactured products:   

Our Serrated Blades exporting to many Manufactories of Peelers in Switzerland and Germany and other many countries in world, the best quality are permitted and getting positive results.

The exceptional well cutting blades peel economically in thin peels.

The very flexible blade adapts perfectly to the surface of the peeling goods
This results in very little waste and the maximum remains for the consumers.

Made of stainless steel, tempered, sharpened and burnished.
If you are a manufactory of peelers, you need to consider using our unique serrated blades in order to lifting its commercial value, and increasing your turnover

I appreciate your time and we are looking for export opportunities in your territories as your esteemed organization dealing in same area

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we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products
We are looking for international distributors worldwide.

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