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Twist Potato is a new business in Malaysia. It has become very popular everywh

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528 Twist Potato is a new business in Malaysia. It has become very popular everywhere. 

- Is a simple yet powerful  potato cutter that cut the potato from an ordinary potato change into innovative, creative look. - The potato after being cut, can be stretched  and twisted up to 30 - 35cm. 

- 528Twist Potato Machine is a manual machine, not a electric gadget, thus it is eash to operate, especially for those who want to start up their small business in night market (pasar malam).
- Small Business, Small Capital but big profit. - 

- 1 twist potato machine, 2 table, 1 fryer and some seasonings, and 30cm, 35cm long skewers (4mm diameter)

- 1 potato cost 20 cent + skewer + magic powder + seasoning + plastic bag = total cost 45 cent , -

- Selling price for 30cm long twist potato is RM2.00 or RM2.50, Selling Price for 35cm long twist potato is RM3.00, thus the PROFIT MARGIN IS MORE THAN 300%. - The hardworking twist potato owner can easily earn 1 to 2 k  perweek.

- It is fun, it is in expensive to try, it is new alternative income for housewife, part time owner or whoever want to increase their source of income. - -  The Twist Potato business owners can create their own sauces accordingly to the likes of thier customers. 

- Sauces / Seasonings : Chilli, Hot Chili, Chilli Parika, Onion, Lemon & Onion, Black Pepper, white Pepper, Cheese, tandoori, Tomyam, Plum Sauce, BBQ , Ginger, Tomato, Garlic, Chilli Garlic, All Mixed powder, and many.
We encourage our 528 Spiral potato machine distributors to think create their own sauces.

-  Distinguish yourself from the crowd with the incomparable quality and attractive cuts possible only with the 528 Twist Potato Machine

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