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528 spiral potato chips machine kitchen appliances

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528 Spiral potato chips machine
Kitchen Appliances
 ! Gadgets that do the work for you!
A Potato Slicer to Improve Every Potato Dish

528 Spiral potato machine is great little kitchen gadget – another one that you don't really miss until you have one in your possession and then you would never be without it.  These great machines chop, cut and slice your potatoes with great accuracy giving you perfect potato slices,

chunks or fries every time and whats more they make them uniform in size so that your food looks better and cooks better too as everything is the same size.

  Potato slicers are so simple, anyone can use one.   Although they all work slightly differently it is no more difficult than popping in the potato and pushing down the handle.  Out come the potato slices, chips or fries in a second or two.  You'll save time and there's no starchy mess on the chopping board to clean up either.  

 It will make you want try all those delicious dishes where it is a lot of hassle to cut potatoes by hand, such as potato gratin or pommes dauphinoise a French dish which requires many layers of very finely sliced potato.

  Types of Potato Slicer

  You can get various types of potato cutter to match the potato shapes you want to produce.

 If you want fine or thick slices then a mandolin cutter would work well and then you will be able to produce slices from all kinds of vegetables too.

If you want to produce French fries, then you could look for a French fry slicer, which generally has slots to produce 25 or 49 French fries at once depending on the thickness of the fries you would like.    That's fine for straight fries, but if you want curly fries you need a spiral slicer.

 A curly fry cutter produces spiral ribbons from any type of hard vegetable and is great for creating interesting salads. 

 Most of these machines are manual but you can also buy an electric potato slicer which is great if you regularly cut a lot of vegetables.   You will see examples of all these types of potato slicers below.

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we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products
We are looking for international distributors worldwide.

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