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Twisted Chips on hot dogs

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Twisted Chips on hot dogs

Detailed Product Description

Twisted Chips on hot dogs presents Tornado potato cutter Chip twister machine specially designed for slicing potatoes,no noise
 Twisted Chips on hot dogs
 Twisted Chips on hot dogs ,
presents Tornado potato cutter,
Chip twister machine ,
specially designed for slicing potatoes,
no noise
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We can supply high quality potatoes, potato chips, spiral potato chips and curly chips in large quantities for sale in world  and export to foreign countries. Potato flakes, potato granules and potato chips can be frozen or dehydrated. Please see attached pictures for reference.

Our potatoes are grown in the non-polluted picturesque countryside which is considered the best potato growing base in India. There are almost no pests here and almost no pesticide is used during the growth of potatoes; therefore, our potatoes, curved chips, potato granules and potato chips are pollution-free and are valued among the best green foods in china.

Packing: In export cardboard cartons or paper bags. You are welcome to contact with us for more details.Lower water consumption and greater energy savings;
. Also we have exported our products to Yemen, Russia, Bengal, India, Vietnam, Albania, Korea, Kirghiz and so on. The Potato Chip Twister Machine is a new product in China now, very interesting and useful.
I think you must know the Potato, and must eat in KFC or McDonalds, it is not easy to make the potato to be chip, but now it is not a problem if you have our Tornado potato Machine, It can very easy to make the potato to be chip, Very easy to operate and economical. So pls contact me shortly!

It's specially designed for stripping potato &other corm vegetable with standard size 10mm, same as Chipstix, Ribbon. The whole machine made of #304 stainless steel structures, rotary hopper and special blade set design, which ensure the high efficiency and cutting with smooth facet, parts touch material are of stainless steel and aluminium alloy, conforming to food hygienic standard.
Twisted Chips machine makes chips from the potato.
Product Description
Spiral Potato slicer can make real spiral fry quickly and easily. Your spiral fry will be tender inside and crispy outside. It cuts whole potatoes into perfect symmetrical shapes. You won't have to buy frozen Tornado potato Fries any more that don't taste like anything and have preservatives!

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