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● About 528 spiral potato, spiral French fries, spiral hot dog presentation ●

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 ● About 528spiral potato , spiralFrench fries, spiral hot dog  ● 

I.◆ Introduction: 
    Main material is made of fresh potatoes are fried, French fries and the general taste completely different! Approach is completely different! Spiral potato is a food derived from South Africa, newly popular in Taiwan and South Korea, in Taiwan, each store daily sales of more than 500 strings.

The potatoes with whole grain (also known as potato, Potato, potato), use a special machine cut spiral shape, the treatment agent treatment, after the commencement of the wear bamboo pull up to 30 cm long, pagoda-shaped, developed by the explosion in the type of sales, are made of cut is fried!

There are tomatoes, cumin, onion, spicy, pepper, garlic, mushrooms, Braised, cinnamon, curry, seafood, barbecue, spices, chocolate, milk and so on several series of dozens of different flavors of spices!

Can choose 6-8 species as the main, replacement of different varieties depending on the season, to fully meet the different tastes of consumers tricky. Consumers, it's hard not to be attracted by the appearance and taste of its unique shape! Unique! Upper and lower body are fresh potatoes, because fresh, no preservatives, coloring, etc., so taste more fragrant, crisp, crisp. Break packaging potato chips taste and visual! You surprised every one can! Spiral potato afraid you compare, I'm afraid you are not eating.

Production Method:
1 Select from fresh whole potato pieces, potato pieces need to reach each weight 100-200g

2. and then fresh cut potatoes into the professional machines 528 spin, rotate through the machine will cut the potato, you cut a whole potato pieces rotation!
3 whole pieces of the bamboo stick into the cut-off rotation has been cut potatoes, and then along a piece of bamboo has been cut off rotation will cut potato pull clusters, which is after the completion of the rotation potato tower ...!! !!

4. Then the temperature is 180 degrees from fried!

5 will be made of freshly fried potato rotating tower, according to a variety of flavors, spices, sprinkled with a variety of changes in a variety of tastes super!

6 Select the required weight of each potato pieces 100-200g
, Mainly because if the potatoes too small will result in after the potato will shrink after frying, the taste will be dry! If too difficult to cooked potato, more water! And taste more sticky!

7 selected super palm oil instead of salad oil can, oil good, no smoke bomb-resistant, heat resistant, easy to focus, low adhesion characteristics of! Because of low adhesion characteristics, so it will not cause the product itself too much of the oil produced, taste will not feel greasy! do not eat too much of the fat, quite crispy and delicious! even vegetarians can also be safe to eat!

8 rotating potato tower Features: 180 degree rotating potato tower after the temperature processing, taste very crisp. Crisp. Fragrant, sweet! Combines crystal of rock salt and black pepper aroma, and with a variety of spices to form a variety of flavors

● sheet: After frying will not change after its internal organization, more full-bodied aroma, nutrition is not lost, especially crisp texture, the most suitable for making potato chips! Perhaps to many domestic consumers do not yet know, including domestic and foreign Many well-known potato chips company to specify the use of Taiwan is still no genetically modified varieties of specialty potatoes!

● thick film: the best fried and baked, moisture loss is not easy! Rich aroma is a major feature, after frying or baking food, the presents fragrant, smooth, soft, fine texture of perfect proportion! Potato rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, tobacco acid (a B vitamin), vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium-rich, potato juice containing many carcinogenic ingredients to determine the inhibition of potato has anti-cancer effect! 
 -------------------------------------------------- ---------

  〓 ◆ The most popular business : sell 528 spiral potato tower 〓 ◆ 

2011, the popular global leisure snack items, the project small investment, big profits and quick returns. Taiwan media have reported many times in many countries, small projects will also publicize the promotion, international franchisees have emerged, interested friends, please search on the Internet "528 spiral potato cutter" for details. Food professionals forecast 2011 "528 spiral potato cutter" will be swept the world, and to advocate for "the most popular business, 528 spiral potato",

 Purchase of the machine will receive a free potato tower friend manufacturing technology.

   Was low on the international sale of obsolete or not used in the production of the cutting machine purchase, please note. Freeloaders can not refrain from buying the machines for the production of low quality and poor flavor, and do not meet the relevant national provisions dealing with agents, or more harm than good; good taste high-quality variety of seasonings is also very important, tastes will There are repeat customers; handling agent should also comply with relevant state regulations; selected business locations)

2 ◆ spiral potato absolute guarantee of profit cost analysis does not exceed 40 cm overall cost 0.7 yuan / string (refer to prices of raw materials potatoes 0.8 yuan / kg, our current purchase price of potatoes 0.8 yuan / kg, palm oil, 6.3 yuan / pounds, electric 1 yuan / kWh), frying time of less than 4 minutes / string. Taiwan's machine requires a minimum 8 minutes of pure cutting no more than 10 seconds / string, reduce the cost of looking to see, be regarded as clear! Directly reduce costs, create a source of profit! ! !

 Potatoes each tablet (180 g -220 g / a
 The average purchase price of approximately: 0.40 million (over different market conditions, high and low)
 Spiral potato seasoning powder costs about every string: 0.10 yuan
 Electricity, oil costs around the cost per string: 0.10 yuan
 Other: 0.10 yuan 
     Overall cost of each string about: 0.7 yuan sales price per string: 2 to 3 yuan 
30 dollars monthly, annual 12-month basis, the sales price of 2 for each string element calculation, the annual profit:
        If the daily sales of 200 series 200 × 1.2 × 30 × 12 = 7.64 million / year
        If the daily sales of 400 series 400 × 1.2 × 30 × 12 = 15.28 million / year
        If the daily sales of 600 series 600 × 1 × 30 × 12 = 22.94 million / year

  General string of more than 500 per day to maintain sales of the company is self-development capacity of the professional company, the upcoming spin potato tower project beyond the Taiwan higher profitability, food equipment, where to buy the company's first friends in the future purchase of equipment other devices developed new equipment will enjoy a high discount, so stay tuned update our equipment development

3 ◆spiral potato project benefits:
● the natural potato, cut is done now.
● shape special, unique.
● Easy operation, one person can operate independently. Smaller investment, operating flexibility, mobility product mix, rapid cycling consumption.
● Low cost, high profit.
● sustainable, flavor full of many dozens of spices to cater to consumer tastes tricky appetite
● Fast cycle of consumer goods, does not push money, cash flow quickly, the market is never saturated 
4◆ the necessary facilities
 1 Equipment:
Dedicated a 528 spiral potato cutter
A single electronic thermostat Fryer (ordinary pot will do)
      Stainless steel sauce pot plate 6 6 35-40 cm bamboo

2. Secret sauce (available in several series of up to dozens more taste spices) and its numerous flavor seasoning powder as follows: (Site offers nearly 20 flavors prevail), the guests outside China, please order at the local country ,
   Japanese steak onion tomato flavor chicken curry beef flavor
   Spiced beef, onions, shallot cream cheese flavor flavor
   Spicy beef, chicken flavor flavor flavor flavor chicken
   Kimchi cucumber peanut flavor flavor flavor dates
   Chocolate flavor Apple flavor Banana flavor vanilla flavor grape flavor
   Black Pepper Beef barbecue flavor strawberry flavor meat parsley
   Sweet corn flavor of the seafood flavor flavor flavor of cumin flavor pizza
   Salt and pepper pork flavor flavor flavor of smoked barbecue flavor
   Sesame flavor Wheat flavor of cheese flavor pineapple flavor
   Lychee flavor of almond flavor melon peach flavor flavor
   Hawthorn spicy steak flavor 
5◆ choose shop
This project a huge market, according to the number of the customer's operations proved more places where the crowd are good for business and the economic benefits of access to these sites are large, primary and secondary schools around the station, terminal, tourist attractions, rural towns, festivals, Weblog, theater entrance, bar, fast food shops, parks, stadiums, supermarkets, shopping malls, markets, fairs, commercial street, walking street, residential, etc. Sales can also be a fixed set-point flow of sales.

6◆ 528 spiral potato cutter: introduce   

  At present, single-pole + iron sign their design flaws, the efficiency is very low, less than a minute can only cut a potato; and finished cutting rate of 70%, 30% of the potatoes is to cut the bad, knives are often bad, so greatly increased costs; because of its structure is more complex, with a period of time will fail, repair exchange inconvenience, wrong time delays. So the electric machine has been eliminated.

We are 528 spiral potato cutter R & D and manufacturing experts.
Our equipment on the market a big improvement, using the latest design ideas, cutting rate was 100% finished!

we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable Trial Order
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units 1Trial Order
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T ,paypal ,Western Union

Supply Ability: 2000 Unit/Units per Month 
Specifications: www-chinapotatocutter-com
Item 528 multi Spiral Potato Slicer
Brand Name 528 multi slicer
Model No 528 multi slicer-3/4
Voltage 110,220,230,240v/50,60Hz,0.015kw
N.W. 7.8
G.W. 8
Size (mm): 430*150*160
Efficiency 5 second/one
Material Stainlees Steel
Notes: www-chinapotatocutter-com

MOQ 1 set
Package (L*W*H (mm) 500*220*220
Package Size(m3) 0.024
Packing Carton Package

Payment Term T/T,Western Union, L/C ,paypal
Delivery Time :1-3 days after receiving the deposit
Shipment By Sea, By Air, or via DHL, UPS ,TNT,FEDEX,EMS etc.

(We'l l choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.)
Warranty Time 2 years
Customer Service Lifetime technical support and accessories supply.
These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, environment friendly ,fully safe ,easy to operate. This system is ideally suited for Potato Chips, Twisted potato Chips and other low bulk density products like chipstix on hot dogs, chipstix on stick (salt snacks) Indian sweets, This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity.

 Available with us nice Stainless Steel Twisted Chips machine which is fabricated out of Twisted Chips on hot dogs and ensures sturdy design. Being highly efficient, these offer long lasting operation.
This Ribbon fry machine can run by either single or 3-phase motor as per customers demand / facility of electricity.

 This Spiral Fry machine is also made of stainless steel Spiral Potato Franchise& it makes chips of Potato running by either 3-phase OR single phase electric motor. This chipstix (chipstick) machine is made of stainless steel & it dries the chips of Potato & discharge water from other outlet making chips dry & ready for frying.

This machine also runs by   220V,230v 240V OR 110V electric motor

This Tornado Fries machine makes the Tornado chips. Peeling of potato before making chips in this Tornado Fries machine is done manually by 6 to 7 unskilled labour. Just one has to keep feeding peeled potatoes by using both Chip Twister on stick hands one after another and chips falls directly into frying vessel (bhatti) & frying starts in the oil. 
We can offer / supply complete Potato chips machine to make best quality crispy chips / wafer from potato . We do have complete DVD of working plant, in-case if you want to buy the same to see the plant in working before taking final purchase decision.
This Twisted Chips machine adopts Spiral Potato on stick to drive and is equipped with round taper to transmit power. After the potato peeling, the Ribbon fry machine can sliced the peeled potato directly. 

Product Description www-chinapotatocutter-com

studied and developed by ourselves on the basis of learning from advance technology in the world so that its technical performance and quality of produce both reach to the most advanced in the world. This spiral potato on stick will finish mixing, extruding, drying or frying , spraying and producing in one-pass operation automatically.

This line features lots of types, flexible collocation, extensive applied materials, various products and easy operation.   
Product Description www-chinapotatocutter-com
This Twisted Chips slicer is for pellet and chips producing by single-screw extruder.
The raw material can be potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, etc.
Through extruding cooking, the pellet can be different shapes like shell, Spiral Potato on skewer, Ribbon Potato franchise circle tube, and so on.

 After drying the pellet need frying to get expanded, this line is characterized by unique technique, ration configuration, high automation and stable performance. 

1.Fully stainless steel material  2 Professional motor  3Life time warranty

4High quality Multifunction blade. 5Dimensions-45x15x16cm  6.net weight 8kg

7.Forward reverse switch  8 Power LED  9.On and off switch
10.16 flavours available  11.with counter (LCD)
12 automatic control forward and backward

13.Pioneer In China  14Unconventional Design  15Export Exclusively

spiral fries spiral potato chips tornado hot dog


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(We'l l choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.)

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we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products

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