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(1)528 spiral potato cutter(with counter)

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528 spiral potato cutter
528 spiral potato machine (wholesale and retail) 

    We are the manufacturers of the 528 Spiral potato chips machine( the electric/manual Twisted chips machine /Tornado Potato Chips Machine/spiral potato cutter)

528-3(3in1)spiral potato cutter
     Controlled Easy, Low Cost, High Demand, and can be done by anyone!

    Businesses that require only minimal space is best marketed in the concentration of people such as the expo, night markets, schools, restaurants, cafes, carnivals and supermarkets.

Detailed Product Description www-chinapotatocutter-com

Smallest 528 Chipstix potato machine commercial heavy duty cutter cut potatoes for ribbon fries on sausage,economically price

528 Chipstix potato machine www-chinapotatocutter-com

Product Details: www-chinapotatocutter-com
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: 528spiral potato cutter
Model Number :528 -3/4 
Type Cutter 


Payment & Shipping Terms:
we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products
spiral potato cutter
with counter
we deal in chiptwister machines of best quality.
our chipstix machines are automatic which cuts potato into tornado shape on stick.our spiral potato cutter have a counter to count number of spiral potatos cut.the process  is so simple and fast

 Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units   
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T ,paypal ,Western Union

Supply Ability: 2000 Unit/Units per Month 
Specifications: www-chinapotatocutter-com
Item 528 multi Spiral Potato Slicer
Brand Name 528 multi slicer
Model No 528 multi slicer-3/4
Voltage 110,220,230,240v/50,60Hz,0.015kw
N.W. 7.8
G.W. 8
Size (mm): 430*150*160
Efficiency 5 second/one
Material Stainlees Steel
Notes: www-chinapotatocutter-com

MOQ 1 set
Package (L*W*H (mm) 500*220*220
Package Size(m3) 0.024
Packing Carton Package

Payment Term T/T,Western Union, L/C ,paypal
Delivery Time :1-3 days after receiving the deposit
Shipment By Sea, By Air, or via DHL, UPS ,TNT,FEDEX,EMS etc.
(We'l l choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.)
Warranty Time 2 years
Customer Service Lifetime technical support and accessories supply.

We have successfully  sold 528 spiral potato cutter to the following areas:

North America South America\Eastern Europe\Southeast Asia
Africa\Oceania\Mid East\Eastern Asia
Western Europe\Singapore\ Malaysia

Western Europe.
Indonesia\ New Zealand \Philippines
\Hong Kong\ India\china Taiwan... ..
North America/South America/ Eastern Europe,
Southeast Asia/Africa/Oceania/Mid East,

Eastern Asia, United States  India Indonesia
 Saudi Arabia  Australia   Canada  South Africa  Singapore

  Jordan/ New Zealand / Canada / South Africa
 Australia  /United States / Spain
 Europe  /Russia / Italy / Poland
 Croatia... ...

This Ribbon fry machine can run by either single or 3-phase motor as per customers demand / facility of electricity.

spiral potato cutter
This machine also runs by 110v ,220V,230v,240V --- 50hz,60hz electric motor

This Tornado Fries machine makes the Tornado chips. Peeling of potato before making chips in this Tornado Fries machine is done manually by 6 to 7 unskilled labour. Just one has to keep feeding peeled potatoes by using both Chip Twister on stick hands one after another and chips falls directly into frying vessel (bhatti) & frying starts in the oil. 

We can offer / supply complete Potato chips machine to make best quality crispy chips / wafer from potato . We do have complete DVD of working plant, in-case if you want to buy the same to see the plant in working before taking final purchase decision.
Product Description www-chinapotatocutter-com
Spiral Fry machine is a new type of extruding food processing line franchise and developed by ourselves snack food machine Double-screw Extruder

You can cut these potatoes any size. The standard spiral chips we sell in are with the 40cm bamboo skewers I always enjoy looking at the opposition with their small 28cm skewers -

but as a hungry client, with money to spend, which potato tornado would you buy for the same price?  french fry cutter,industrial french fry cutter wholesale,french fry,ribbon fry cutter,potato cutter,french fries cutters,restaurant french fry ...

Product Description www-chinapotatocutter-com
This Twisted Chips slicer is for pellet and chips producing by single-screw extruder.
The raw material can be potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, etc.
Through extruding cooking, the pellet can be different shapes like shell, Spiral Potato on skewer, Ribbon Potato franchise circle tube, and so on.

 After drying the pellet need frying to get expanded, this line is characterized by unique technique, ration configuration, high automation and stable performance. 
spiral potato cutter
spiral slice


spiral chips

1.Fully stainless steel material  2 Professional motor  3Life time warranty

4High quality Multifunction blade. 5Dimensions-45x15x16cm  6.net weight 8kg

7.Forward reverse switch  8 Power LED  9.On and off switch
10.16 flavours available  11.with counter (LCD)
12 automatic control forward and backward

13.Pioneer In China  14Unconventional Design  15Export Exclusively

spiral fries spiral potato chips tornado hot dog

At 528 spiral potato we come up with a few FAQ's.

Q.  What type of oil should I use to fry?
A.  Sunflower oil is highly can be used to fry spiral potato once made

.Q. Must the whole skewer be emerged in the oil?

A you can fry the ribbon fry in any way.

Q  How will I remove the twisted potato  from the oil once cooked?
A.  With a pair of stainless steel tongs. Grip the curly fry the same manner as you would a kebab.

Q.  What is the minimum size skewer that I can use in my Chipstix s kind machine?
A.  The chiptwister machine  is designed to fit a custom made bamboo skewer measuring 4mm in diameter and 350--400mm

Q.  What type and size potato should I use for spiral fry machine?
A.  any medium size potato can be used to make potato on stick.

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We are looking for international distributors worldwide

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