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528 chipstix snack has a very high profit market and will no doubt complimen

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528 chipstix snack has a very high profit  market  and will no doubt compliment the fast food mecca of today!
528 chipstix...? 
   what is a 528 chipstixwe hear you ask!

528 chipstix is  an exciting new potato based snack that will make you want more!

we love patatoes in this spiral frome and so will you!

if you enjoy hot chips...
then you will love 528 chipstix!

The invention of 528 chipstix machine introduces an excitingly new way of enjoying
hot chips...on a stick!
528 chipstix machine is used to produce a potato spiral on a skewer,This 528 chipstix snack is then deep fried like hot chips adn can be enjoyed with any of our unique and tasty
flavoured salts,at any location and any time of year!

528 chipstixsnack is made from a medium sized potato,which has only been washed and no peeling is required.

"did you know ,almost half the nutritional value of a potato is in the skin?"

528 chipstixsnack spiral is only 2-4mm thick
This is less than 1/2 the thickness of your regular chip.This means that 528 chipstix snack takes about half the time to fry!

We are the manufacturers of the528 chipstix/Spiral potato chips machine( the electric/manual Twisted chips machine /Tornado Potato Chips Machine/spiral potato cutter)

We have successfully  sold 528 chipstixspiral potato cutterto the following areas:

North America South America\Eastern Europe\Southeast Asia
Africa\Oceania\Mid East\Eastern Asia
Western Europe\Singapore\ Malaysia

Western Europe.
Indonesia\ New Zealand \Philippines
\Hong Kong\ India\china Taiwan...

North America/South America/ Eastern Europe,
Southeast Asia/Africa/Oceania/Mid East,

Eastern Asia, United States  India Indonesia
 Saudi Arabia  Australia   Canada  South Africa  Singapore

  Jordan/ New Zealand / Canada / South Africa
 Australia  /United States / Spain
 Europe  /Russia / Italy / Poland
 Croatia... ...

528 chipstix snack has a very high profit  market  and will no doubt compliment the fast food mecca of today!

so what are you waiting for!!
get in touch with me at :thm5008@hotmail.com.
for more detail on how you can become part of  this revolutionary,profitable adn excitingly new product!

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