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Twist Potato Machine Quality Stainless Steel Spiral Potato Chips Twister

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Twist Potato Machine  Quality Stainless Steel Spiral Potato Chips Twister Slicer Slice Cutter

Product Specifications/Features

    Twist Potato Machine Itroduction

    Potato chips and pita are very popular because of their special taste and pleasant color, thus being a hotsale all over the world. Our potato twist cutting machine is specialized in making twist potato with good taste and novel shape. Many Clients has made high profits within a short time with a little investment. It is quite popular with those who want to start their own business with low risk.
528-3 spiral potato cutter
    Twist Potato Machine Feature

    1. Slicing disco blade: the prise angle and space between the slicing blade make it efficiency and labour saving.
    2. Made of high quality stainless steel
    3. Simple operation and easy to clean and maintain
    4. Low cost, high profit and long service life

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