we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price and best products

We are looking for international distributors worldwide (Pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com)

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(+86)159 9978 7002



South 24 floor,Jinshan building,wushan road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou city

Mobile phone


0086-769-8295 0510

Our brands:
spiral potato cutte

new products



if you have any question ,pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com
i will reply you soon
mr tang
 [Aivis] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2018/1/3 1:42:09]   
Can you please tell us how we can buy one in N.IRL?
[Replay]:  hello:Aivis
are you come from uk ?
what do you need ?
pls check your email then reply me
mr tang
 [Michael Wa] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/12/21 1:21:20]   
Looking to add spiral potatoes to our menu. My question is about the potato cleaning. Do you know if they can be bought pre washed or how do vendors do that?
[Replay]:  hello :Michael Wa
we have spiral potatoes cutter
have not potato cleaning machine ,but in china ,many ,we can help you
but you study video
dont need any clean machine

mr tang
 [Andre] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/12/19 21:38:38]   
Mr Tang

Please send me details on 3 in 1 curly potato cutter. I am from South Africa
[Replay]:  hello:Andre
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Osman Zühe] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/12/19 7:15:57]   
Hi l m interested in 3 in 1. I live in turkey. Do u send ober there? If yes what will be the price included shipment and the delivery time?

[Replay]:  hello:Osman Zühe
pls check your email
mr tang
 [LESLY RIVE] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/11/29 17:41:31]   
Hello,do you have electric potato cutter? and fry potato machine too. Im from Peru.Lima 3.3 pcs to start
address: Calle Leon Mz O1 Lote 1 Urb.Mayorazgo 1 Etapa -ATE ,lIma 3,Lima-Peru
[Replay]:  hello:LESLY RIVE
pls check your email
all price ,send to your email
mr tang
 [JOSE VINU ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/11/17 1:56:07]   
Can you please tell us how we can buy one in Philippines?
[Replay]:  hi JOSE VINU
we send to you by dhl ,fedex express
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Keith ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/11/7 13:39:27]   
Do you have a distributer in Australia?

I am after a 528-3 potato slicer with counter.
[Replay]:  hello:Keith

i had many customers come from australia.but on a distributer in Australia
we can send to you by dhl ,fedex ,tnt express ,
5-7 days ,you can get it
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Hafiz ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/10/20 9:39:41]   
I want to buy potatoes cutter machine. Can u send me details pls.
I don't know lates model.
Barrie, ON
[Replay]:  hello :hafiz
pls check your email
mr tang
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