in china , i can not use facebook and whatsapp ,pls mail to me or skype to me

we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price and best products

We are looking for international distributors worldwide (Pls mail to me

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(+86)159 9978 7002



South 24 floor,Jinshan building,wushan road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou city

Mobile phone


0086-769-8295 0510

Our brands:
spiral potato cutte

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if you have any question ,pls mail to me
i will reply you soon
mr tang
 [Berthelot ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/8/13 6:26:12]   
combien de temps pour recevoir 1 machine 3/1 pour la France? Et brochette 3 cm et 40cm et 50 cm et le prix svp
[Replay]:  hello ,Merci
i have mail to you ,pls check your email
mr tang
 [GEORGE K] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/8/3 22:00:15]   
hello again . can i plesae have the prices for the manual. and the electrics . i like to be the only destribitur in greece .im sure i will sale so many .. i promise .thanks so much. i will be the best salesman.
[Replay]:  hello: GEORGE K
pls check your email
mr tang
 [george ka] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/8/3 21:51:51]   
hello i like to have the prices for the potato cutters the 3 best manual machine you have. im ready to . to order 5 machine foe athens can i represent your company . here in greece .thanks
[Replay]:  hello:george ka
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Hugo Moral] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/8/3 9:40:08]   
I would like to find out how to buy one of the tornado potato spiral fried potato, this is for USA, Also how much does it cost.
[Replay]:  hi hugo
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Carlos Val] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/7/30 16:18:54]   
I would like to know the price for Tour 528-3 (3in1) model spiral automatic Carter and años of.possible the price of shipping cost to Medellín Colombia post code 472
Many Thanks for your cooperation
[Replay]:  hi carlos val
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Simon] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/7/27 15:55:16]   
Hello again,

How much does the gas fryer cost please? Including shipping to Malta once again.

[Replay]:  hi simon
pls check your email ,i have mail to you

mr tang
 [Simon] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/7/26 6:14:37]   

I would like to but the 528-3(3in1), the automatic machine which makes both the spiral potato and the twist hot dog.

How much does it cost? And I live in Malta, do you think you would ship to Malta? How much will the shipping cost me?

Thanks in advance.

[Replay]:  hi simon
pls check your email
i have mail to you
mr tang
 [lyndon] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/7/25 7:11:49]   
Do we want to buy this? How do we buy?
[Replay]:  i will mail to you
pls check your email
mr tang
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