528 spiral potato cutter sell well in Europe & America (with CE )

we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price and best products

We are looking for international distributors worldwide (Pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com)

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(+86)159 9978 7002



South 24 floor,Jinshan building,wushan road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou city

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0086-769-8295 0510

Our brands:
spiral potato cutte

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if you have any question ,pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com
i will reply you soon
mr tang
 [jamal p] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/8/15 6:39:47]   
i would like to know the price of the model no( bamboo skeweres-30 nd35 cm cize)one cartoon(1000n)+ shipping charge to my address,it is, jamal p
pin 682016
cochin kerala,india.
[Replay]:  hi jamal p
pls check your email

mr tang
 [jamal p] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/8/15 6:26:12]   
Hello,Mr, Tank,
Iam frome india,i would like to know the price of ur springpotato mechine,MODEL NO 528-4 +shipping charge to in INDIA at state of kerala ,qnt 1pce,
address-jamal p
merino homes
pin code 682016
cochin, kerala
[Replay]:  hi jamal p
pls check your email

mr tang
 [sandman en] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/8/14 12:41:37]   
250 brandon ave
penticton bc v2a3s6
price delivered on 528-3
asap and delivery time
1case skewers
[Replay]:  hi sandman
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Claudia] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/7/27 12:57:03]   
Good afternoon
I need one 3 in 1, please give me the total price with traveling chipping to Colombia South America
[Replay]:  hi claudia
pls check your email

mr tang
 [Andrea Jim] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/7/25 0:10:37]   
Gracias estoy confundida me interesa la maquina que pueda poner la salchicha por dentro y las papas cubriendola. Que referencias son la manual y la electrica. Quiero saber costo para enviar a Bogota Colombia Sur America. Gracias Andrea Jimenez
[Replay]:  hi andrea jim
pls check your email :andreajimene**@hotmail.com
mr tang
 [mark ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/7/21 20:29:53]   
Dear Mr Tang
I am interested in the electric potato cutter and fryer including all extras (including bamboo sticks).
I need a price quote, lead time, cost of shipping by air to Chicago, USA
our goal to try your units ASAP and if good purchase more. Please respond to me ASAP as this is extremely urgent.
Thank you
Mark Kuskovsky
[Replay]:  hi makr
pls check your email
mr tang
 [mark k] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/7/20 22:07:07]   
i am interested in your 528-3 or 528-4 machine. which is better?
What is the cost?
What is the cost of the electrical fryer?
What would be shipping cost to Chicago USA
Do you have any product which would combine cutter and fryer in ONE unit?
[Replay]:  hi mark ,
new model 528-3(3in1):
it can do :1.spiral potato chips(1.jpg)
2.curly fries(2.jpg)
3.twist hot dog (3.jpg)
other cost ,pls check your email
mr tang
 [Starry] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016/7/5 23:32:00]   
Hi Mr Tang

I would like to know the price list of your following products and also delivery time and delivery charges to Yangon (Myanmar).

1.528-1(3in1) potato cutter
2.528-3(3in1) electric Potato Twist Cutter 3.Spiral Potato Chips Slicer
4.528-6(3in1) New Manual Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Spir
5.528-7(3in1)new arrival Vegetable Tornado potato machine

Thank you Mr Tang.
[Replay]:   hi Starry
check your email

mr tang
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