528 spiral potato cutter sell well in Europe & America (with CE )

we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price and best products

We are looking for international distributors worldwide (Pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com)

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South 24 floor,Jinshan building,wushan road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou city

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0086-769-8295 0510

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spiral potato cutte

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if you have any question ,pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com
i will reply you soon
mr tang
 [Ah girl] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-26 9:22:24]   
Hi..may I know how much is 40cm skewer per carton to malaysia ?
[Replay]:  hi ah girl
pls check your email

mr tang
 [ruben moor] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-23 13:04:44]   
sir I just visited your web sit. and I do love your products. the only question I have is were is the prices. I'm interested in the spiral potato cutter. I'm looking to open a small business and this would be a great hit for me. pleas send me the prices of the spiral cutter and the hotdog potato machine
[Replay]:  hi ruben moor
pls check your email
\mr tang
 [LuisFlorez] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-23 12:04:42]   
Hello Mr. Tang

I would like to know what the value of the machine 528-3 (3in1) Twist electric Spiral Potato Cutter and 528-7 (3IN1) potato cutter, which is the minimum amount of machines, if sent to Bogota Colombia, as is the cost of shipping.

I appreciate your fast response.

Thanl you.

Luis Manuel Florez
[Replay]:  hi luisflorez
pls check your email
mr tang
 [kseniya] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-19 7:55:44]   
I want to buy potato skewers 40 cm 1000pcs.
How i can take it? I am from Russia.
Wait for your answer.
[Replay]:  hi kseniya
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Larry] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-13 14:22:08]   
Please send me price quote for
1 each 528-3 electric (110 volt USA)
Shipped to
1374 W Frontage Rd
Rio Rico, AZ 85648 USA
and 5 kg 40mm skewers
[Replay]:  hi larry
pls check your email

mr tang
 [Bhushan K] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-09 13:54:32]   
Hello Mr. Tang,

What is the cost of 528-3 machine + shipping to Pune, India (411038)? Also, what is the delivery time by fastest means possible?

[Replay]:  hi bhushan
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Vonjy] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-08 18:09:42]   
We intend to develop a Business with stwisted potatoes and need round bamboo skewer, size 40mm, diameter 4mm .
So, will you give us the price for a package of 1.000 sticks, FOB ($), Freight ($) to our country Madagascar.
Thank you so much !
[Replay]:  hi vonjy
pls check your email ,

mr tang
 [MOREAU] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2016-05-08 11:07:35]   
Could you send us back your catalog ansd price list.
We are really interested by :
Bamboo Stewer

Do you give an exclusivity for switzerland ?
[Replay]:  hi moreau
price ,send to your email .pls check it

mr tang
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