528 spiral potato cutter sell well in Europe & America (with CE )

we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price and best products

We are looking for international distributors worldwide (Pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com)

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(+86)159 9978 7002



South 24 floor,Jinshan building,wushan road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou city

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0086-769-8295 0510

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spiral potato cutte

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if you have any question ,pls mail to me at:thm5008@hotmail.com
i will reply you soon
mr tang
 [fakhra] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/3/19 8:20:38]   
I need multipotato slicer 3 in one
spiral ,curly and chips what is the price of mulitislicer?
[Replay]:  hi fakhra
are you come from pakistan ?
pls check your email :fakhrajam**@gmail.com
mr tang
 [Tevita Poh] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/3/15 9:39:54]   
Hi there i am looking for a potatoe cutter that can cut the curly chips at 5X5mm or 7X7mm. i bought a machine before from ebay and they put the picture of a thick curly chips together with the machine but when i received it, it can only cut a very thin curly chips. Can you please tell me if your machine can cut 5X5mm or 7X7mm ,.
[Replay]:  hi Tevita Poh
my cutter can do 5X5mm if you need 7X7mm we can desing for you

mr tang
 [janeen ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/3/14 19:38:48]   
can i get stick off you as well as spiral cutter about 30 cm to 35 cm
[Replay]:  hello janeed
we have cutter + bamboo
mr tang
 [Morad Fran] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/3/14 13:26:46]   
Pls send me the price list
528-3 ( 3in1 )+ fryer
[Replay]:  hi morad
to libya ,freight is not cheap ,
pls order potato cutter from
,order fryer in your country

mr tang
 [Maria Beuk] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/2/23 12:53:58]   
I like to bought the spiral hotdog potato cutter
[Replay]:  hi Maria Beuk
are you come from Namibia ?
pls check your email
mr tang
 [james ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/2/18 11:11:52]   
Please send details of this machine and price to my email address **@classiccellars.com.au
[Replay]:  hi james
pls check your email
mr tang
 [george ] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/2/9 17:57:19]   
hello i like to sale in athens greece any poteto cutter you have.......please send me the prices .thenks
[Replay]:  hi george
pls check your email
mr tang
 [Joyce] Content: User's IP:[] Time:[2017/2/9 7:02:15]   
how much for the electric cutter and the gas fryer.
[Replay]:  pls check your email
then reply me ,
tell use where are you ,then we can help you count freight

mr tang
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