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528 TWISTER CUTTER (NEW PATENT!!) makes twisted potato chips

Published Time:[2012/12/16 19:59:20]   author:[chinapotatocutter.com]    visit 1108time

528  TWISTER CUTTER   (NEW PATENT!!) makes twisted potato chips (also called, tornado potato, twisted potato, twisted fries, or spiral potato), a string of delicious fried potato on a stick. This Twister Cutter is a great product to use at home and restaurants / hotels, or start a business.

Small business: Sell spiral potato in parks, concessionaries, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, local festival booths, or on streets. Expand your current business with selling spiral potato. With our Twister Cutter, the spiral potato will be ready to be fried in just 10 seconds.

Party/catering: This is a unique vegetable slicer can make various dishes such as sweet potato tornado chips, carrot spiral chips, spiral cucumber, onion strands, red cabbage slicing, etc. Use our Twister Cutter to serve fun and delicious tornado potato in party or catering.

Gift: It is very suitable to use our Twister Cutter as market promotion or giveaway gifts. You will be amazed at the high benefit/low cost with sending our good quality to your clients.

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