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At 528 spiral potato we come up with a few FAQ\'s.

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At 528 spiral potato we  come up with a few FAQ\'s.

Q.  What type of oil should I use to fry?
A.  Sunflower oil is highly can be used to fry spiral potato once made.

Q. Must the whole skewer be emerged in the oil?
A you can fry the ribbon fry in any way.

 Q  How will I remove the twisted potato  from the oil once cooked?
A.  With a pair of stainless steel tongs. Grip the curly fry the same manner as you would a kebab.

Q.  What is the minimum size skewer that I can use in my Chipstix s kind machine?
A.  The chiptwister machine  is designed to fit a custom made bamboo skewer measuring 4mm-5mm in diameter and 350--500mm

Q.  What type and size potato should I use for spiral fry machine?
A.  any medium size potato can be used to make potato on stick.

You can cut these potatoes any size. The standard spiral chips we sell in are with the30- 50cm bamboo skewers I always enjoy looking at the opposition with their small 28cm skewers - but as a hungry client, with money to spend, which potato tornado would you buy for the same price?  french fry cutter,industrial french fry cutter wholesale,french fry,ribbon fry cutter,potato cutter,french fries cutters,restaurant french fry.

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