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what is 528 spring potato cutter?how to order 528 spring potato cutter

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how to order 528 spring potato cutter?
what is 528
spring potato cutter?
we deal in chiptwister machines of best quality.our chipstix machines are automatic which cuts potato into tornado shape on stick.our spiral potato cutter have a counter to count number of spiral potatos cut.the process is so simple and fast
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Easily cut the potato into french fries, firm and durable.

Product Description

The Potato Slicer Machine is a new product in China now, very interesting and useful, I think you must know the Potato, and must eat in KFC or McDonalds, it is not easy to make the potato to be chip, but now it is not a problem if you have our Potato Machine, It can very easy to make the potato to be chip, Very easy to operate and economical.
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Brand Name:528 potato machine/cutter
Package weight: 2kg/8kg
Package size: 37cm X 18cm X 14cm/50cm X22cm X22cm
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