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528 Chiptwister - Flavourlicious Foods - Unique, Easy To Tow Fast Food

Published Time:[2012/9/19 19:41:02]   author:[chinapotatocutter.com]    visit 1015time

528 Chiptwister - the ultimate fast food sensation!

528 Chiptwister - Flavourlicious Foods - Unique, Easy To Tow Fast Food

this is a chip with a dfiieence --it's twisted ,it's 528 chips on a stick!

this tasty snack is made from a potato cut into s spiral and deep fried on a skewer stickthis is done by using our custom food machine ,the chiptwiester machine( 528 spiral potato cutter)adn the foods fryer(an electric indoor fryer).any conventionalgas or electric fryers can also be used.

this sensational spiral potato snack has achieved great success in a very short period of time adn is now the number one on the hit parade with regard to bussiness opportunities

528chiptwister machines can be used in mobile trailers in conjunction with other food items.

you can also combine528 chip twister with our other bussiness opportunities--snow nice for a lucrative 2 in 1 business

check out the new crispy 528 chip twister here,using our electric ,easy-to-use ,no hassle machine

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