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“528 Twist Potato” originates from china . it is now one of the most p

Published Time:[2011/11/30 19:00:47]   author:[chinapotatocutter.com]    visit 527time

528 Twist Potato” originates from china . it is now one of the most popular street sold in the country. 
In some of the busier streets in the china , some of our “528Twist Potato” vendors sell somewhere between 700~1,000 sticks per day. 

The more successful ones easily got back what they initially invested to start their businesses, in less than a week.  Currently, there are about 2,000 “528 Twist Potato” vendors in china alone and number just keeps rising.

  Millions of potatoes are being consumed here in Global every year.  Potatoes as a food type has been gaining popularity over the years both in china

  as well as the surrounding countries of South East Asia.  French fries, potato chips, hash browns to name a few.  Now here comes “528 Twist Potato“, which is a fresh potato cut live on the spot into an interesting spiral-shape, then deep fried and at the end of the process, you get to choose from one of our five delicious flavors: Cheese, Chili, Onion, BBQ and Honey BBQ.  Fried potato no longer has to taste and look boring.  Fried potato no longer comes with only two options of flavor in chili sauce and tomato ketchup.

We are the manufacturers of the528 Spiral potato chips machine( the electric/manual Twisted chips machine /Tornado Potato Chips Machine/spiral potato cutter)

We have already received: two projects in China Spiral potato Patent.


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