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Published Time:[2012/9/16 15:27:38]   author:[chinapotatocutter.com]    visit 761time

Different and interesting looks will catch customers’ eyes which means how you present the potato infront of people’s eyes has lot to do with sale at the end of the day. If you present 4-6 processed potato on skewer on display then people will gather around to have a look and ask; “What is this?”
“It’s 528 TWIST POTATO !” “How do you cut the potato like that?” “That’s the secret”.
This is very important as you should know a single potato doesn’t cost alot so even if you have to give a sample for free, do not let the customer walk away. Whether the potatoes are nicely presented or not really make a big difference in sales.

528 TWIST POTATO  frying oil
There are few housewives who don’t prefer fried food. Eventhough they are interested in shape they will walk away after they see that potato is deep fried. These poeple in most cases check whether the oil is clean or not in which case if the oil is old looking black colour, sale will not be made.
It is true that black oil reduces the desire to eat fried food. 528 TWIST POTATO is a food with
big profit rate so try to use clean oil as possible.

528 TWIST POTATO  performance
While you are selling the TWIST POTATO, sometimes students with no money will come around.If you become friendly with them something good will happen. While I am helping out at a shop,sometimes I give potatoes to few these kids for free. Of course not completly free, you tell them to bring money next time and also bring their friends along then they always come back for more. Or try selling small sized potatoes for cheaper prices to these kids.

528 TWIST POTATO  would you recommend it to your family
For food booth and food shop on the street, cleanliness is really important matter.
Especially since 528 TWIST POTATO is a fried food, people who are not familiar with oil fryer will burn the side of the fryer leaving black greasy marks on it. Those marks look very unhygienic so it’s good to clean up the fryer everyday or atleast once every two days.
And also wear a glove when you are working with the potatoes.

528 TWIST POTATO  take away
 Don’t get caught up in the situation where you don’t have a paper bag for take away order
so prepare few bags just incase people want to take the potatoes home.
But you must tell them to eat it soon as fried food will go soggy if you leave it too long.

528 TWIST POTATO  keeping right tamperature
Try to keep the oil temperature above 170 degrees at all times.
If you fry too many potatoes at once then oil will go below 170 degrees.
If the oil temperature is too low then the potato will absorb all the oil and will not be crunch.

528 TWIST POTATO  choosing appropriate potato
Good selection of potato is required;
fresh hard potato with the size according to that of the machine.
The size of an adult’s fist is a good reference. The shape of the potato should be round, but it is not a must. Before you fry the potatoes, also use our beta mix frying powder so it can be fried golden and crunch.

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