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First Look: 528 Tornado Fries in USA

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First Look: 528 Tornado Fries in USA
Posted on oct 13, 2011 by www.chinapotatocutter.com
First Look is an occasional column in The News Journal designed to give readers a peek at a just-opened dining or entertainment spot.
Trying to catch the eye and stomach interest of hungry tourists strolling Rehoboth Beach’s streets and boardwalk isn’t an easy task.
You usually have to stand out, maybe even offer something fairly unusual before visitors will part with their cash.

528 Tornado Fries originated in 2009 on the Wildwood (N.J.) boardwalk. The snack is a riff on street food sold by vendors in South Korea.
Minio, whose father Tom had been one of the partners of the old Alley nightclub on Union Street in Wilmington and ran the Brandywine Club on U.S. 1 and 202 in Delaware County, Pa., saw the “Unwrapped” episode and thought the fries would go over well in the Delaware resort town.
Since opening on June 18, the storefront’s clientele has been building slowly. “We’re at a tough location, we only have 10 foot of frontage,” says Minio.

“We’ve had a mix of people from outside of the state who have seen it on the Food Network and we have people who see ‘Tornado Fries’, and they don’t have a clue about what it is.
“Some people ask: Is it a banana?” Minio says. “Everyone is very, very curious.”
Tornado Fries come in two sizes. An 18-inch stick is $4, a 26-inch stick is $6.

To make the “tornado,” a Russet potato is skewered on a stick and then placed in a machine that cuts the potato accordion-style.
“It looks like a Slinky,” Minio says.
The potato is deep-fried in canola oil anywhere from 90 seconds to 2 minutes. As soon as it’s removed from the hot oil, the stick is handed to a customer who can then sprinkle on some of the 12 different powdered seasonings.

“You do it yourself, but we show you how,” Minio says.
Flavors include salt and vinegar, Old Bay, barbecue, parmesan garlic and something called “Schmutz,” which Minio calls a salty-sweet blend.
The cooked potato has the “consistency of a French fry on the inside and it’s a little crispy on the outside,” Minio says. As it cools, the potato becomes more crisp, he says.
While Thrasher’s French Fries has reigned as the fried potato king in these parts for more than eight decades, Minio points out that Tornado Fries is a completely different product.

Other than originating from a potato, “it’s not a French fry,” he says.

Another key difference is the oil. Thrasher’s uses peanut, 528 Tornado Fries bathe only in canola oil. Minio says that he has been seeing more and more customers with peanut allergies visit the shop.
528 Tornado Fries also sells homemade Italian water ice in flavors that include lemon, cherry, blue raspberry, mango and strawberry lemon. Weekly specials include watermelon, orange cream and green apple flavor.
And, in the past week, the store has begun to introduce deep-fried Oreos, Twinkies and Snickers.
The cookies and candy bars are dipped in a funnel cake batter and then deep-fried. After cooking, the staff landscapes the hot treat with powdered sugar.

“Little by little, we’ll be adding more,” he says. Perhaps even venturing into deep-fried Kool-Aid territory.
Deep-fried Kool-Aid balls, made from a flour-water-Kool-Aid batter, have been sparking interest among snack lovers since they were unveiled earlier this year at the San Diego County Fair.
“I’m going to say before the summer is out, I’m going to try it,” Minio says.
WHAT: Tornado Fries. The new storefront offers two sizes of deep-fried, spiral-cut potatoes-on-a-stick.

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