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528 Tornado from China back to the Netherlands like the whirlwind, th

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 528 Tornado from China back to the Netherlands like the whirlwind, the Dutch captured the hearts of consumers

528 Tornado from China back to the Netherlands like the whirlwind, the Dutch captured the hearts of consumers. Delicious fried potato skins with the powder (health) is a spiral form presented by the rain stick, and the tornado is delicious french fries sprinkled Chinese herbal medicine. The taste is surprisingly good.

As the great presentation and surprisingly delicious, you will automatically multi-port, and has been successful in many parts of the word potato spiral.
Therefore, potato spiral has been successful at a carnival (large chip), major events, fairs, trade fairs, but also as a board described in a restaurant.

Coffee shops, fast food restaurants, fish stores, any business who has something different eyes will find that the Chinese whirlwind assets, his or her business. Increase sales, but also from the consumer's surprisingly interesting responses. For a great product like potato spiral investment is worth it!

We know from our customers at exhibitions, fairs, and their average price of 2.00 300 to 600 sticks sold per day.
Even at a carnival in the 1200 film from 12.00 to 24.00 3.00 and the retail price

For a customer has a snack bar, coffee shop or fish shop is a very good product. Combination with candylovers kibbeling or sold every day 10-100 tornadoes in different positions, the average level.

To separate a good potato spiral demonstration board machine ideal restaurant, but you can also expand the machine to cut vegetables with surprising results.

You can find all information on the website and order online so you too quickly in your company can take advantage of China whirlwind.
 2011 528 China whirlwind: www.chinapotatocutter.com

The Chinese Tornado Tornado is made with the cutting chips. This machine is made entirely from food grade stainless steel and is easy to clean.

The tornado Tornado chip slicer is made that the Chinese can be extended. With the standard blade, you can make the Chinese Tornado.
The blades are replaceable and the expandable blades can curl and ribbon fries and vegetables cut for a beautiful plate presentation.

Look at options for sample images and accessories for the extensions.

528 Tornado to the Chinese to do the following:
- Chip-resistant sticks of 30-48cm
- Whole potatoes (floury) about 7 cm, the wider the better presentation of the tornado
- The tornado chip slicer
- Frituese
- Herbs (chips herbs) to taste

Step plan for making 528  Chinese Tornado
1. Prick the potatoes on the baton
2. Insert the stick through the holes in the tornado chip slicer
3. Push the lever against the potato
4. Turn the handle/Power Switch (about 6 seconds)
5. Take the stick out of the machine
6. Thread the sliced ​​potatoes over the baton round
7. Deep fry the potato sticks about 3 minutes at 180 degrees until the Chinese start-Tornado to drive.
8. Sprinkle spices over chips as desired.

Because of the many question the tornado chip slicer for consumers, we have developed the mini tornado chip slicer. This is because the consumers like and they like it for use at parties.

We are looking for resellers (retailers) for the mini tornado chip slicer. Shopkeepers, street vendors, selling locations where consumers can go for household use.

The mini tornado chip cutter package consists of the consumer;
- Mini-cutting machine
- 50 sticks 18 cm (suitable for home deep fryer)
- 100 grams of herb fries
- Packaging

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