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528 Twist Potato Frequently Asked Questions

Published Time:[2011/11/26 7:35:27]   author:[chinapotatocutter.com]    visit 289time

528 Twist Potato Frequently Asked Questions
Q  Is "528 Twist Potato" a franchise?
A.  No, we are not a franchise. Therefore, there aren't any fees you have to pay. Just purchase the our spiral cutter and you are ready to start selling. With the purchase of our machine, you also obtain the right to use our "528 Twist Potato" logo and market it as is.
Q.  What does the "528 Twist Potato" machine (spiral cutter) do?
A.  The "Twist Potato" machine is  that cuts the potato into the spiral shape. It does not fry the potato, you need to have your own fryer.

Q.  What is your warranty on the spiral cutter?
A.  With the purchase, you get a one year full warranty. If the machine stops performing its capabilities within a year of purchase, you will receive a replacement at no cost.
Q.  Do you sell any replacement parts?
A.  Yes,we will free send  the blade and replacement parts. However, you probably won't need to replace any parts for a good 3~4 years.

Q.  What kind of potatoes are recommended?
A.  Idaho potatoes have been found to be most adequate in terms of size and cost.

Q.  What is the recommended size of the skewer (bamboo stick)?
A.  The most adequate size is 12-18 inches.
Q.  How many "528 Twist Potato"s does one bag of flavored powder serve?
A.  One bag serves about 400 potatoes.
Q.  How much should I sell the "528 Twist Potato" for (per stick)?
A.  You can set your own price but it should most marketable at somewhere between $2~$3.
Q.  Can I become a distributor for my area and sell the machines?
A.  Yes, you can. Please contact  thm5008@hotmail.com for more information

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