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528 potito twist FAQ question and answer

Published Time:[2012/12/13 9:07:19]   author:[chinapotatocutter.com]    visit 927time

                    528 potito twist FAQ question and answer

Q1: what kind of potatoes to be used and appropriate for the influential?
C 1: all kinds of potatoes available world markets can be used across our machine electrical or manual where pasta twist potito cut vegetables and potato-like, also enabling can also cut the potato in all sizes, large and small. We recommend that you always have dry potato as possible to speed up the process of frying.

Q2: do we need peeling potatoes before their most potent? And what happens if we put a potato peeler with influential?
C 2: don't need potato strippers, only need its washed well any plankton or dust that's enough, regarding the use of the peeled potatoes, I don't mind as desired and our machine capable of butchering, either with or without their skins, but generally do not need to be stripped.

Q3: why cut fraction flat back IYP?
C 3: the potato must be flat so that installed securely at the top of the column for the influential, so you'll need to go a fraction of the potato so that you can install the potato to the column.

Q4: what is the appropriate size of the sticks to be used?
C 4: any wooden toothpick can be used almost 20 cm to 70, but the column width must be 4 mm to 6 mm. Generally from 30 cm to 35 will be suitable for regular sizes of potatoes, but if you have wood sticks in your city or country great it can be used of course on our machine electric and manual.

Q5: does burn Oud during frying? What are the materials used in the manufacture of wooden sticks? Does the wood will be hot after fried potatoes? Should be covered with potato Oud full oil for frying and how can we remove them from the warm after its frying oil?
C 5: well Oud made from bamboo and is completely circular, and bamboo does not burn by frying and frying the oud until after will be very hot and will chill during 15 to 25 seconds out of alkalayeh so your clients will be able to catch and eat naked with his Oud, and Yes we must cover the entire Oud with potato with oil in alkalayeh and you will have to use here or PIN for output of potato alkalayeh.

Q6: is there a way to make individual potato Oud is to, not by hand?
C 6: not ... You will need individual potato Oud by hand, it's a very simple process and can the person in charge of the shop learned within one working day.

Q7: what type of oil to use appropriate and what is the appropriate quantity for purchase?
C 7: vegetable oil and palm oil are the best that can be used because ALE natural and add any specific flavor of potatoes, and can withstand high temperatures for longer without the smoke odour starts to eject. Regarding the appropriate quantity of oil is normally due to the size of the alkalayeh you have one basin-valklaiat "small" require 7 to 10 liters of oil in each mobilization, either double it needs large alkalayeh from 13 to 17 litres, you will need to recharge every certain period alkalayeh during the day because you consume with daily sales so you must
Fill out a bit when I noticed that oil began to dwindle, sunflower oil can be used as well.

Q8: how much time needs the oil because the heat? What the ideal temperature of oil? What is the duration of which must be fried potatoes?
C 8: oil needs approximately 12-15 minutes to be ready for use after filling in alkalayeh and it's time to work the quantity of potatoes in the beginning of the day. The ideal temperature ranging between 160-190 degrees centigrade. Appropriate duration of fried potatoes and get guaranteed result is 3-4 minutes in any case this also depends on the quality of potatoes, potatoes contain more water more whenever you need more time for frying.

Q9: will the mkormshh potato rings or soft after frying?
C 9: well, that depends on the willingness of the customer. If a customer wishes to have bought mkormsh Oudh potato fried potatoes would you longer, but whatever either mkormshh or soft delicious will be considerably especially with famous potito twist flavors.

Q10: how long will oil cool after extinguishing the alkalayeh?
C 10: approximately 30 minutes would require oil to cool. Caution always required when dealing with hot oil.

Q11: how long for change oil after use?
C 11: potito advises all customers twist to change oil continuously to provide the best and tastiest taste to keep your clients continuously, we recommend that you change oil after frying potato sticks of 600-800. The final result of the potato always depend on the quality of the oil we prefer using the Palm for the best result, oil can continue to use it more if alkalayeh contains oil purification system.

Q: 12: How can I make the potato to customers?
C 12: we suggest you make potatoes for your customers by placing them on paper towels and submitted directly to your customers and always love fruit that form directly enjoy the hot anyway in twist potito will provide for all our customers for paperboard where potato can be placed flat.

Q13: what are your parents flavors?
What flavor they advise me?
C 13: we have ten distinct flavors can be found across the page products twist potito at the top of the page, regarding the best flavors that recommend is cheddar and ketchup smoked walbarbkio of course ... You can also submit your clients using thieves alkchb or mayonnaise or thausnd Island via placed in small plastic cups

Q14: what is the difference between manual and electrical enabling?
C 14: the difference between manual and electrical enabling is to contain an internal engine electric drives potatoes to code without having to use the hand to pieces as the most potent electrical contains a counter each time is calculated by the influential graduated from potato potential theft therefore zero, enabling manual provide the same quality in cut potatoes, but without the engine without a counter for potatoes.

Q15: what is the most potent manufacturer?
C 15: our machine electrical and handicraft made in one of the most important factories specialized kitchen equipment in the Indian capital Delhi and high-quality and dedicated to commercial use, our machine is made entirely from steel wheelchair which antimatter stainless, as can our machine that lurking potatoes not only to shape spiral featured but also to small slices (Twister) or sliced potatoes, long, and contains only digital counter influential electric , Either engine is robust and high-quality as we guarantee each piece in the influential to an entire year while assuring the availability of spare parts in the future so as to ensure the smooth running of your business, without interruption or worry as we provide more than 100 customers with everything they need spare parts, the most potent engine originally manufactured for use in construction and requiring strong engine we used only for cutting potatoes.

Q16: enabling code be changed?
C 16: no need to change code generally influential, but you need to sharpen the code using the same regular knife sharpening papers.

X 17: I want to give you an order, but what is the cost of shipment?
C 17: shipment will be charged per 10-20 SAR within Saudi Arabia via bus services use "zajal shipping", regarding the value of the shipment to neighboring countries are different and depend on the State and size of order so we advise you to contact us to learn about costs and ways to send foreign to our assignment.

O 18: what is the expected duration of the order to arrive after shipping?
C 18: vary from city to city, but from 3-7 days in General, shipping outside Saudi Arabia will be via FedEx for shipping.

X 19: are there certain places prefer using influential?
C 19: potito twist machines can be used almost anywhere, whether you're in foreign places or in a vehicle or mobile as JABs at trade fairs or festivals or summer restaurants or you can use the most potent advocacy camp almost anywhere.

X 20: can run by influential through normal transformer?
C 20: Yes! Of course you can use normal transformer, available at home.

O 21: How do I clean the influential?
C 21: influential electric and manual are easy to clean. Influential electric can be cleaned using a wet cloth, or you can even sprinkle water on the overdraft facility of influential clean faster.
O 22: I have my own pasta, but can I get your products?
C 22: we welcome, of course, you can get many products and don't compare where we represent one of the most important factories in the Middle East and specialized in producing the best types of natural flavors unlimted color-free, and other industrial products.

O 23: I want to buy most potent but I'm not interested in using the name twist potito, can I?
C 23: Yes of course you can do this, we will always provide you with everything you need.
O 24: I've discussed previously on similar machines for several companies, but you can see more products at least?
C 24: due to several factors, first we are the largest company in this area in the Middle East, where import large quantities of factory direct where we can get special prices, we offer you the best products and does not rely on an intermediary or distributor you buy directly from the main source in the Kingdom, we believe that the best way to serve our customers is to provide a distinctive logo and without royalties and provide them with all their needs at affordable prices to developing their continually optimizing financial returns Thus also guarantee our customers loyalty and satisfaction with our services.

X 25: what to do if a problem with enabling interface?
C 25: enabling guaranteed for one year, and you can always contact us to solve any technical problem.
O 26: we from outside Saudi Arabia and we deal with you how we can?
C 26: Mark twist potito or potato cyclones is a trademark owned by world Franchising LLC we grant rights anywhere in the world under the trade name run branches, if you are interested in obtaining franchising in your neighborhood please communicate with the team via contact us potito twist by means described in the site.
Q. 27: Chinese machinery I found cheap price compared with pasta twist electric, potito is suitable for my work?
C 27: we twist potito not looking for value but are looking for value and quality you invested a large sum to create draft twist potito most important part of the project is the most potent, inexpensive manufacture of poor Chinese so the machines, and often coincide with the voltage of the Gulf was therefore prone to rapid combustion and lifespan of less than one year, you may crash during congestion and will cost you a lot in the long term with the lack of guarantee for influential or spare parts, which means that you will buy more than One over the short term, avoid all twist potito ensure you the most potent for an entire year while providing full spare parts at reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

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