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Tornado Potato (a whole potato made into a spiral, which is fried and

Published Time:[2012/5/18 11:32:41]   author:[chinapotatocutter.com]    visit 400time

When I was still studying, there was one place my friends and I would like to go to and that place is a street filled with street vendors and one street vendor that caught my attention was called Tornado Potato (a whole potato made into a spiral, which is fried and dipped in your choice of flavor). That certain street vendor would just be there once in a while and I really liked it and wished that it would come out in malls or something.

Then a year later, my wish came true. I have seen a couple of these stalls at different malls and Starmall is no exception. It is actually my first time to go to Starmall as we had to pick up something from there. The stall that sells these unique street food is called Twist Potato.

I am not really sure if the origin of this product is from Korea, but that was what it looked like as they had a small tv that talks about Twist Potato and it was all about Korea and their potato product machine, that makes it really thin and spiral. Plus, other than their usual flavors like Cheese, BBQ and Onion, they had Bulgogi Flavor (Bulgogi is a Korean specialty, if I could remember a meat dish topped with raw egg?).

Of course, it is not everyday that you get to see a Bulgogi potato flavor and so that was what we chose. As I tasted it, it seemed like BBQ (not in a bad way at all) and the potato was cooked perfectly. Although it was difficult to eat because all the flavoring would be all over your mouth. Another way to enjoy it would be peeling it and swallow it.

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